Why gotrak?

Why gotrak?

How did it all begin?

gotrak was developed with the user in mind, to create a very practical experience, high quality activity and fitness tracking at an affordable price. I actually owned a Fitbit Charge HR before deciding there was a gap in the market. Don’t get me wrong FitBit Charge HR was my favourite product out there because it was minimalistic, light & did what it needed to do, but there were a few things I didn’t like about it & I couldn’t find a solution anywhere in the market. I didn’t want a complete overhauled experience but I wanted an improved one & that’s how I got into R&D, playing with ideas, designs and gotrak was born.


What are these differences that make gotrak unique?

Well where do I start?

  • Minimum 90% step counter accuracy was the best in the market for step counts, and I felt that minimum 95% was needed. We improved the step count accuracy by minimizing the effects of false step counting. I found that with Fitbit Charge HR, I’d be racking up steps by simply typing a long winded email at work, or going in for the carrot sticks and dips during a Netflix binge. This annoyed me as it wasn’t a true reflection of my fitness output.
  • The green light under the Fitbit would never turn off when I was sleeping; being a light sleeper this was really annoying for me. I played with the gotrak and developed a mechanism that still continuously monitors your heart rate & saves that data, but the green light (photoelectric heart rate sensor) turns off, unless you want to see the heart rate real time on your gotrak, then it will turn on. This saves battery & saved me a lot of lost hours in sleep!
  • The lack of battery display was getting annoying. I mean I’d go to the mountains 2 hours away from Melbourne CBD, only to find out last second that my battery will die on me – Fitbit would only display battery life on the device once it is about to die on you. gotrak addressed this by implementing a battery health status on the display page of the device.
  • The battery life was short too – I am a kind of guy who was constantly clicking away, always checking step count progress to see how close I am to reaching my goals. Pressing the button always and being a constant user would only give me up to 2 days battery life, although Fitbit can give you up to 5 days on standby. gotrak addressed this by doubling battery life in the sense that you can get up to 15 days battery life on standby in a very best case scenario, but realistically you will get 4-5 days being a constant user like me, which means I spend twice as much time wearing it, and half as much charging.
  • The clasp on the gotrak is so easy to take on and off, it isn’t an annoying or strenuous process to take it off if I am jumping into a swimming pool, or going for a shower. The Fitbit had too much for me, take of the clasp, unclip it, and then unclip the sleeve that goes over the top too, every single time.
  • Being a man of the outdoors, I would usually wander alone into a beautiful nature oasis and getting a perfect selfie was hard. That’s why we implemented a remote selfie feature. You put your phone on something solid, walk away and take the selfie or group shot with a click of your gotrak.
  • Sports mode is a favourite of mine – because you’ve got two views for heart rate on the gotrak app. You get a graph that maps your continuous heart rate, but you’ve also got a heart rate bar underneath, that maps only a specific activity once in sports mode. You basically set your gotrak in sports mode and go for that 90 minute footy, tennis, soccer game, turn sports mode off – and check all your stats for that activity. It will show your heart rate and which exercise zones you spent most of your time in. However, once you close sports mode, those steps aren’t lost they just tally up onto your previous total.
  • There are a few other cool features in the gotrak app like SMS Reminder, Caller Alert, SNS Alert for Whatsapp, Facebook Messages etc. but also the app is really user friendly and actually stores all your data into a graph so you can track all your results in a quick snapshot.


How are you so competitive?

That’s a question I get asked a lot – How are we selling such a powerful fitness tracker for $129.95AUD, at about $100 less than comparable products in the market place. There are a few reasons, firstly we don’t make big profits – our goal is to have every person in the world recognise our product and to be able to afford it, not make big amounts of money – we are truly passionate about fitness and have been into it for over a decade now! We also don’t have a huge team, we have a small, dedicated and customer oriented team that puts their blood and sweat into gotrak, and also we spend minimal amounts on marketing – we really hope it kicks off in a big way from word of mouth. We are strong believers that a good products sells itself.   


Why gotrak?

It’s quite simple actually. Go is such an active word in every sense, it is the opposite of stopping – I love my walks, fitness, being active and always being on the go. Trak is all about tracking yourself when you are on the go, step counting in particular being very important, it’s what I build all my daily fitness goals around, and I love that gotrak is market leading in step count accuracy at over 95%. However, it is also great to be able to track your sleep, heart rate, calories and get a bigger picture of your overall health and wellbeing.


What inspires you?

I love the outdoors, I love fitness & staying healthy – it is so important to look after your body and your body will look after you in return. I also think it’s great to see tech companies exploding onto the scene in the past few years. Just look at Silicon Valley tech co’s out of the USA. However, we don’t see many tech start ups here in Australia – I think we’ve got great potential as a country and ability to produce in this department and I’d love to see more young guys like myself, starting up techs here to propel our economy. I want to show the world what we can do.

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