gotrak walks 70km in less than 12 hours!
gotrak walks 70km in less than 12 hours!

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gotrak walks 70km in less than 12 hours!

The Plan 

gotrak decided to walk from deep in the South East Suburbs to Geelong. It was supposed to be a 120km walk; we love walking, and not sure if the inspiration came from the fact that it felt like something to add to the bucket list or to see how hard we could push the human body in one day; maybe it was hearing all the stories about how the Aussie's walked long treacherous paths in Kokoda. However, we decided that this long weekend we were waking up early and leaving to start our walk at 5.30am on the Friday. 

It was a great idea, a carefree sense of adventure and freedom, but also the epiphany that we live, breathe, long walks and fitness - not sure how many other founders of fitness trackers(Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone etc.) out there can say that; we aren't only founders of a brand in this industry, but customers and avid users of gotrak ourselves; so we understand what we want and need in a fitness tracker; it's how the brand started!

We actually were laughing the whole week, when we got reminded by someone that we were like Forrest Gump. Maybe they were right & maybe we decided to do the walk for 'no particular reason':

 The beginning of a journey

It was 5.05am in the morning and 213 steps on the gotrak when we began the walk, freezing cold outside and a weather report of heavy showers all day, but we didn't mind, we ventured forth like new age explorers discovering the world on foot. It was a liberating feeling when main roads were empty and outside it was pitch black on a public holiday. 

It wasn't long until a bit of daylight started coming out & we were on a back road to success.

Pushing on to first light

We had a reached the main road in under an hour and were pushing forward at an excellent pace. There's something beautiful about an empty intersection that is usually crowded.

We walked faster as time went on and we caught our pace, the first glimpse of a road sign, 25 kms from the city and 7,341 steps later in under 2 hours; we were making good time!

Marching on towards Nepean Highway and our first landmark.

Our First Landmark & Impressive Outlook

The amount of times we've avoided driving to Southland because it is too long to sit in the car and drive sometimes, even though it's all 80km/h zone to get there. It was a bit surreal getting there all on foot, however, first signs of blisters were kicking in. 

We sat down, ate some pre-prepared snacks from our backpacks to lighten the load, put some band-aids on the blistering and we were back on the road again in less than 10 minutes of lunch & bandage break. We had the city in our sights.

Melbourne CBD & the Sights

St.Kilda Road & adjusting my awesome shoes, wouldn't have made it so far without them!


Victoria Barracks & Crown Casino - what an achievement having made it even this far was!

The other Side of the City & things take a wrong turn

We were soon in the side of town that had "woof woof" & Western Bulldogs all over it, as the AFL Parade was on today, and little did we know Bulldogs were going to win their first premiership in over 60 years, the very next day. Traffic congestion was all over the city and I think we made it to Footscray on foot just a bit slower than someone driving would have (exaggeration of course, but if felt that way). We were also very lucky and grateful that not a single drop of rain had fallen all day; in fact, the weather was cool but sunny, perfect walking weather.

So close, only 63 km away from Geelong and about 20 km away from Werribee the final town, to eat, drink or buy food before our final 43km descent into Geelong to wrap up a 114km walk, in one day. It was at this point that muscles started getting sore though, and the chipper attitude disappeared; it was all about pushing on.

At one point a Magpie tried to swoop us flying very low. It was funny when we said to eachother "I can't believe the birds are flying so low!", it made us think that maybe a famous rapper one day almost got swooped by a bird flying so low, before he wrote a hit single called flying solo. Not to mention a Seagull had earlier launched an aerial bombardment on me to ensure good luck ensued and we continued to enjoy the lovely hot weather.

Although the weather continued to be lovely, our luck took a turn quite literally, somewhere along the federation trail we had made a wrong turn sending us from the cusp of Werribee, back to where we were 3 hours ago, Yarraville.

We'd walked from the Red point, to the green point on the map and were back at blue. At first I thought, wow we've made it to Geelong a lot quicker, I can see a huge city! However, reality was telling me this city was too big to be Geelong - maybe it was a Mirage?

It was very disheartening to find out it was Melbourne CBD and we'd made a wrong turn and walked 3 hours in the opposite direction from where we came. It was getting quite late now, and to walk all that way plus back to Geelong was no longer viable as we would have been walking through back streets in pitch black darkness with minimal phone battery and wouldn't have arrived into Geelong by 2am, with no accommodation available for check in at that hour. 

We had to call it quits after approx. 70kms of walking & running and being so close to our finish line.

We walked to the nearest train station and headed back home about 60,000 steps later. 


The Verdict

The walk was totally worth it! It was a great experience and one to be added to the bucket list. Yes, there were blisters aplenty but thanks to wearing the right footwear and thick socks we minimised that. Also, by the end of the walk and on the second day I was thinking to myself, never ever to do a walk again like that unless my life depended on it.

However, now that it is all said and done; I think I could do another one. The scenery probably got a bit bland when we got out of Melbourne and into the West but it was all very exciting.

I think the lesson we've taken out of this, is next time we walk down to Portsea via the Esplanade & Nepean Hwy. It works out to about 70+km also, however, the scenery will be awesome the whole way, and walking along a coast seems like an impossibility to take a wrong turn.

We love to be able to connect with our audience; unlike most founders within our category that just sell fitness, we live and breathe fitness & lifestyle. If there is any other gotrak users who'd like to share; we'd love to hear about your adventures and if you've done anything similar.



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